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Poké and Vegan Dogs Orlando (Vegan Guide)

Poke & Vegan Dogs is a Black-owned pop-up that opened in the Brew Theory Marketplace this past November 2022. They serve a variety of imaginative vegan dishes, including delicious poke bowls featuring plant-based tuna and Hawaiian-fusion vegan hot dogs! I think my personal favorite was their Kimchi Heat vegan hot dog! Their plant-based spicy mayo is out of this world! 🤯 big thanks for Chef Brian for allowing me to stop by!

Read below to read my vegan guide to eating at Poké and Vegan Dogs Orlando:


Mauna Loa Bowl

Maui onion, ginger, scallions, soy sauce, seaweed salad, and avocado.

Classic Bowl

Avocado, pickled radish, edamame, ginger, maui onions, and soy saucev.

Volcano Bowl

Jalapeno, kimchi, crispy onions, scallions, maui onions, vegan spicy mayo, and spicy soy.


Choose your base:

White rice or baby spinach

Choose your protein:

Vegan Ahi Tuna


Maui onions, scallions, ginger, jalapeno edamame, pickled cucumber, crispy onions, furikake, spicy furikake, wonton crisps, wasabi peas, cilantro, fruit of the day


Soy, spicy soy, vegan spicy mayo, sesame ginger


served on Hawaiian bun

Soy Boy

Tofu, chili crisps and sesame seeds (ask without eel sauce)

Deep Sea Diver

Seaweed salad, onions, chives, and vegan spicy mayo (ask without eel sauce)

Kimchi Heat

Kimchi, jalapeno, vegan spicy mayo, and onion crisps.


Choice of sauces and toppings.

Additional Notes:

Just next door is @brewtheorymarketplace’s on-site brewery making some of CF’s most delicious brews. We got a Blood Orange and Peach/Grapefruit Ale. Vegan hot dogs + beer in a cute, spacious seating area make Brewing Theory a great place to hang out with friends or watch TV! Brew Theory is also home to and @grilledcheezusorlando . Def consider checking this new space out!

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