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Sweet & Salty Island Grindz Sanford (Vegan Guide)

Henry's Depot's latest food concept is now open--this time with a Polynesian twist! Sweet & Salty Island Grindz is an authentic Hawaiian food stand in Sanford that is Veteran and Minority-owned. Read below to learn more about their vegan offerings!


Huli Huli Tofu

Grilled tofu marinated in a traditional huli huli sauce. Served with rice and Hawaiian coleslaw (purple cabbage, green cabbage, carrots, soy, sesame seed) and a vegan Hawaiian roll.


Pineapple Musubi

Grilled pineapple over rice, wrapped in seaweed. (They call this a "Hawaiian Powerbar")

NOTE: The original listing also has spam on it so please confirm you're ordering the vegan version.



Grilled Pineapples

Island Coleslaw

Sweet Hawaiian Roll

French Fries

NOTE: Always confirm you want a vegan version of the item you're ordering. Better safe than sorry.


Sweet & Salty Island Grindz is actually pretty vegan-friendly. They're providing a whole new flavor of vegan food to North Orlando and we're here for it!

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