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The Kind Cleaver Opens in Winter Garden's Main House Market

THE KIND CLEAVER has been a popular vegan sandwich pop-up in Orlando for a few years now. Last month, owner Justin Rodriguez was allowed to leave the tent and set-up behind and finally begin providing the community vegan meats and wich's from a brick-and-mortar location! You can now visit The Kind Cleaver at Winter Garden's Main House Market just off of Plant St.


When he was 23, Chef Justin received a diverticulitis diagnosis which led to him removing meat and dairy from his diet. Soon after, he found himself desperately craving a solid vegan cold-cut sandwich but had no easy access to such products. He started to research ingredients and develop recipes for himself using vital wheat gluten to create seitan. After what became a reoccurring event of making his friends sandwiches after a night out, they convinced him that he should start selling these vegan meats and handhelds.


Chef Justin sells eight vegan cold-cut meat types and two chicken salad offerings--sold by the half-pound.

His cold-cut selection includes:

- Sweet Ham

- Spicy Capicola

- Smoky Miso Ham (this might be my favorite)

- Rotisserie Chicken

- Jerk Turkey

- Black Pepper Beef

- Roast Beef

- Corned Beef (my husband's favorite)

His chicken salad selection includes:

- Classic Chicken Salad

- Chicken Curry Salad (this one rocked my world--it tasted so similar to a Dutch dish called kip currie salad that I grew up with)


Chef Justin has a menu of four vegan sandwiches utilizing his house-made meats and one rotating option. As of writing this article, this is his menu:

Chipotle Chicken Melt

Rotisserie chicken, cheese, chipotle aioli, tomato, onion on a french roll


Country ham, mojo park, cheese, mustard, pickles on a cuban roll

Reuben (my fav!)

Corned beef, cheese, thousand island, dressing, sauerkraut on a rye roll

Tangy Buffalo (rotating item)

Rotisserie chicken, cheese, tomato, cucumber, onion, banana pepper, buffalo sauce, ranch on a french roll

All meals come with a side of Zapp's voodoo chips.


Chef Justin's goal in founding The Kind Cleaver is to put a smile on people's faces. Veganism is not an easy journey for many. He takes a lot of pride in the opportunity to provide nostalgic-rich meals for people at a good price.

Visit The Kind Cleaver at Main House Market, Tuesday through Sunday.

108 South Main Street

Winter Garden, FL 34787

Monday: Closed

Tuesday - Friday: 10am-7pm

Saturday: 9-7 pm

Sunday: 10-4pm

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