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2023 Vegan Fall Offerings and Events in Orlando

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Autumn, often heralded by the changing colors of leaves and a crisp, cool breeze, is a season that invites warmth and comfort. Even if we don't experience it in a traditional sense in Florida, we can still participate as much as we can! As the days grow shorter and temperatures drop, it's the perfect time to embrace cozy gatherings and delectable vegan cuisine. In this article, we'll explore a delightful array of vegan event ideas and mouthwatering menu items that capture the essence of fall, ensuring a memorable and inclusive experience for all. From hearty plant-based stews to pumpkin-spiced desserts and environmentally-conscious outdoor activities, there's something for everyone to savor during this season of transformation.

This is an evolving list-- We will add new options as people alert us!

Continue reading to learn more:

1. Order a tasty treat from Create Your Nature!

Their Back to School SOFO featuring Heavens to Betsy’s Apple Butter, oats, chopped apples, pecans, yogurt, cinnamon, and brown sugar! 🍎 They will also have their chia pudding which includes peanut butter powder, topped with granola and dried strawberries as well as their Back to School smoothie bowl with frozen bananas and strawberries, and beet powder for blend. It's topped with granola, sunflower seeds, sliced bananas, chopped apples, peanut butter (or almond or cashew) and honey (or agave)!

Order one for pick-up at now!

2. Indulge in a delectable autumn-themed donut from Donutste!

Did you know that the viral Donutste Doughnuts are now available at a permanent location in Lake Mary, FL? The days of long lines in the Florida heat are over! You can now drop by each Saturday and Sunday and select your flavors from their vast line OR pre-order to secure your favorites! Fall flavors that will roll out through the season include:

- Pumpkin spiced Creme Brûlée Donuts 🎃

- Maple “Brown Butter” Fleur De Sel (Available Now) 🍁

- Chai Spiced “Hunny” Bun with Ginger Snap Crumble

- Apple butter glazed Apple spiced Donuts 🍎 (Limited Edition)

- Carrot Cake Cinnamon Rolls 🥕🍰

They love this season and are working on more varieties! Keep up with their menu on their Instagram @donutstedoughnuts.

3. Grab some Pumpkin Spice at Wavelength Coffee!

While the sweltering heat refuses to relent, the arrival of pumpkin spice signals the start of autumn's favorite flavor. Embrace the season with Wavelength Coffee and savor one of the most delightful pumpkin spice lattes you'll ever experience and their pumpkin chai. Let the essence of pumpkin infuse your senses, and perhaps together we can summon a much-needed cold front to match the fall vibes!

4. Grab a delightful autumn treat at The Greenery Creamery. The Greenery Creamery stands as Orlando's premier artisanal ice cream boutique, a local frozen dessert scene pioneer. Their commitment to the Orlando community is unwavering, as they proudly offer vegan ice cream crafted with the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. Often opting for premium or organic selections, they ensure that each scoop is a true delight for your taste buds. They will be offering vegan pumpkin pie milkshakes, spiced apple milkshakes, pumpkin pie ice cream, and pumpkin cupcake sundaes!

5. Enjoy a vegan twist of a classic Thanksgiving sandwich at The Kind Cleaver!

The Kind Cleaver has been a popular vegan sandwich pop-up in Orlando for a few years now. This year, owner Justin Rodriguez was allowed to leave the tent and set-up behind and finally begin providing the community vegan meats and wich’s from a brick-and-mortar location! You can get their delicious The Gobbler sandwich all November! It is holiday Turkey, herb aioli, cranberry sauce, onion jam, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and fried onions on a 10” French roll. Yum!

6. Mark your calendars and get ready for the next Vegan Glow Party!

It's a night of dancing, delectable vegan eats, refreshing drinks, and an abundance of radiant energy. All ages are welcome to join in the fun as we celebrate under the glow. The event is set for Friday, October 13th, from 7 to 10 p.m., featuring electrifying dance music and a lineup of entirely vegan vendors. Grab your free glow sticks upon entry and don't forget to dress in your favorite glow-in-the-dark attire – it's encouraged to bring your own and let your creativity shine! Join us at Market on South Downtown Orlando for a night that promises unforgettable memories.

7. Paint a pumpkin at Main House Market

Join them for a Pumpkin Painting Party, hosted by Justin Times Designs & Gays of Universal, promising a night of artistic expression and Halloween enchantment! On Friday, October 6th, 2023, from 7:30 to 10 p.m., head over to Main House Market to express yourself. Whether you're a seasoned painter or simply seeking a creative outlet, all ages are welcome. They will provide everything you need, from paints and brushes to large pumpkins! Dive into the festivities with spooky tunes, tasty snacks, and beverages available for purchase, all while dressed in your favorite Halloween attire. As the night concludes, take home your personalized pumpkin masterpiece to adorn your space. Secure your spot today for a memorable evening of pumpkin painting and Halloween merriment!

Get your tickets here!

8. Try this limited-time Grilled Cheese at Toasted!

Attention pumpkin enthusiasts! The Autumn Melt is making a comeback at all Toasted locations starting on September 11th, but it's only available for a limited time, so be sure to grab one while you can. This delightful sandwich boasts a combination of flavors, including applewood smoked bacon, dried cranberries, Granny Smith apple slices, pumpkin purée, and cheddar cheese, and it's worth noting that it can be prepared as both gluten-free and vegan, catering to a variety of dietary preferences!

9. Embrace the arrival of Autumn, even in the Florida heat, by visiting Erin McKenna's Bakery!

Located in the Disney Springs resort area, Erin McKenna's Bakery offers a delightful array of Fall favorites, including pumpkin cupcakes, apple toastie cupcakes, wonder-fall cakes, pumpkin teacakes, cookies, and more. What's even more fantastic is that everything at this bakery is not only scrumptious but also vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and kosher, ensuring a delectable and inclusive experience for all.

10. Savor pumpkin-flavored brews at Retro Roast.

Introducing their latest additions: Pumpkin Cream cold brew, Pumpkin Moon Milk, and Iced Butterbeer, all designed to cater to your autumn cravings. And if you're looking for non-coffee options, Retro Roast has got you covered with their Ginger Cider Smash with spiced apple cider, lime, apple butter, topped with ginger beer, and garnished with a smoked cinnamon stick – the perfect way to embrace the fall spirit!

11. Eat some spooky treats at TUME!

As the fall season approaches, TUME's menu will seamlessly align with the freshest produce from trusted local farmers. While their beloved tacos will remain a staple, they are excited to introduce seasonal specials featuring ingredients like squash and beans. In November, tantalizing taco creations featuring oyster mushrooms and a zesty pomegranate salsa are in the works.

Embracing the cooler side of Florida's "cooler" seasons, they will be rolling out a rotating selection of bowls. Expect traditional Peruvian delights such as Carapulcra (a flavorful peanut butter stew) and Locro (a hearty pumpkin stew), alongside rice bowls brimming with a medley of seasonal veggies.

October will bring a touch of spookiness to their offerings, as they revive last year's crowd-favorite eerie treats, including Eyeball Cheezecake, PB Witch Fingers, and Raw Bloody Brownies. And for those seeking a taste of the season without the spook, their delightful pumpkin persimmon pie will be making its return.

12. Create a charcuterie board with some cheeses from Catalyst Creamery.

Catalyst Creamery is committed to crafting top-tier, plant-based cheese that awakens the palate and encourages culinary exploration. Their cheeses are meticulously handmade using the finest ingredients, prioritizing exquisite flavor and texture, ensuring that food enthusiasts from every corner can relish an unparalleled gastronomic journey. This autumn, indulge in their delectable Cranberry Orange Cheese Rolls. Rolling out when cranberries are in season!

13. Fall Pasta at Orlando City Pasta!

Orlando City Pasta is offering vegan seasonal pastas in fun shapes and flavors! Think pumpkin campanelle (pictured), a vegan fresh pasta option we will be having on select market days, and sweet potato gnocchi!

14. Enjoy autumn-inspired ice cream this season at Kelly's Homemade Ice Cream.

Kelly's Homemade Ice Cream is your go-to local, handcrafted ice cream shop, where we meticulously create all our ice creams and sorbets right here in Central Florida, ensuring you enjoy the freshest and most flavorful treats. Make sure to explore their seasonal delight – the Cranberry Orange Ginger Sorbet, available at most locations throughout November and December.

15. Savor the comforting embrace of soups that exude warmth from The Corn Soup King.

Returning to the USA, they are gearing up for an exciting tour of major festivals after a triumphant summer in Toronto, where we delighted taste buds with over 10,000 soups sold throughout July and August. Alongside our festival tour, they are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new website, where they are spicing things up with the official introduction and launch of our Caribbean Vegan Pepper Sauce, which will add some delightful heat to the cooler months ahead. This sensational sauce is also available for online orders, making it easier than ever to enjoy their delectable offerings!

16. Have a feast at Dajen Eats!

Dajen Eats is gearing up for a bountiful array of autumn-inspired delights. On weekends, savor the indulgent Pumpkin Stuffed French Toast, adorned with pecan praline sauce, and don't forget to swing by the Irie Cream bar any day for a delightful scoop of "Falling for Pumpkin" ice cream, complete with candied pecans. For those seeking savory warmth, weekdays offer a comforting Smoked Calabasas Pumpkin Soup, accompanied by a grilled cheese crouton. The weekend brunch menu shines with Sweet Potato Bread Pudding drizzled in Brown Butter Rum Sauce and the tantalizing Sweet Potato Jelly Roll Irie Cream Cake. To complete your fall experience, don't miss the Pumpkin Shake available during weekend brunches.

17. Warm yourself up with some delicious drinks at Infusion Tea!

Infusion Tea is serving up some classics as well as new creations such as pumpkin pie latte, apple spice chai latte, toasted marshmallow matcha, and salted caramel latte! All are served with your choice of syrup, milk, and espresso! Pair your drink with one of their baked goods!

18. Enter the costume contest at the Vegan Halloween Bash!

Come join The Orlando Bearded Vegan on Saturday 10/28 at Persimmon Hollow Brewing Co. from 12 pm-5 pm for a spooky fun time! Costume Contest starts at 2 pm with 3 Categories (Adult, Child, Pet). They will have trick or treating throughout the event with a painting class from either 1 pm-2 pm & 3 pm-4 pm ($15). Signup here! Don't forget to bring your dancing shoes!

19. Have the perfect brunch date at New General Cafe.

With weather as good as we’ve gotten the last few weeks, you’ll want to sip on your lattes on their al fresco patio to take in the autumn breeze. New General Cafe has started serving their fall menu which includes, Pumpkin Cider Latte (Oat or Pistachio Milk options), Fall Buddha Bowl (featuring brussel sprouts & acorn squash), Cinnamon Roll Pancakes, Horchata Matcha, Apple Pie Cashew Yoghurt Parfait & Matcha Chia Pudding!

20. Indulge in a vegan donut at The Salty Donut.

The Salty Donut is an artisanal donut shoppe & coffee bar focusing on chef-made, small-batch, craft donuts using the highest quality ingredients with everything made in-house. Try their vegan Carrot Cake donut made with ginger & oat milk glaze, topped with chunks of vegan carrot cake & candied walnuts while it's on the menu!

21. Dance the night away at Whipporwill's Halloween Spooktacular!

Get yer costume ready, the Spooktacular is nigh. Whipporwill, an independent, locally owned bottle shop and taproom in The Milk District, will be celebrating their fifth annual Halloween bash on 10/28! They will have beer & wine specials. All their wines are vegan and natural with no additives. The dark prince of boogie-woogie @blairsounddesign will perform a live DJ set spinnin' til midnight. Join their costume contest with special guest judges starting at 10 pm — sign up the night of! Only 10 spots!

22. Bring the family to Kaya's Halohalo-ween mini market and try Little Giant's vegan burrito.

Little Giant is a regional Chinese food pop-up serving the people of Orlando. They will be at Kaya on 10/29 serving their brunch offering of a vegan burrito stuffed with stir-fried potato, sweet bean sauce, tiger noodle salad, bean sprouts, jalapeño, scallion, and cilantro alongside some other delicious food vendors! There will be live music, trick or treat with vendors, and an art project with @boykong and pabitin Filipino game! Costumes encouraged!

Honorable mention! Order some vegan candy corn from Clever Fox Confections.

Get ahead of the game by placing your advance order for delectable sweets at Clever Fox Confections. Every Monday through October 9th, they're offering candy corn pre-orders. Be sure to activate Instagram notifications and keep their website bookmarked to ensure you don't miss out on your chance to place an order!

Check out their Instagram @cleverfoxconfections for their latest drops and their website here.

This is an evolving list-- We will add new options as people alert them to us! Either comment or email me at!

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