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Central Florida Hair Stylists Using Vegan Products

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

As a vegan, I know it can be hard to find a good fit for beauty professionals. In this long-requested article, I round up 13 hair stylists who specialize in cruelty-free hair and offer vegan products during service all across central Florida! Discovering the perfect fit for your beauty needs just became a lot easier!

1. Natalie Lopez at X'Spreshun Hair Studio An Aveda Exclusive Salon

Located in Sanford, Natalie’s dynamic ability to convey confidence in women is her greatest asset. She believes in enchanting natural beauty with powerful yet simplistic services such as dimensional color, balayage, and “babylites” highlights. Color is her calling. She is dedicated to servicing all hair types straight, wavy, curly, and tighter textures. With her integrity and 10 years of experience, she strives to educate her guests to maintain their healthy hair goals. Natalie is not vegan, but she offers 100% vegan hair services upon the client’s request. She always works with her clients to provide the best experience and make them happy with her professional services!

You can view their work on their Instagram or book with them online!

2. Debi at Hive & Bevy Hair Studio

Hive&Bevy Hair Studio is a private salon suite in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Nestled inside A Suite Salon, Hive&Bevy Hair Studio offers a one-on-one experience, specializing in crafted haircuts and dimensional low-maintenance color. They have been reported of using vegan cruelty-free products such as BOB which is a line that voids known toxins that are harmful to you and the environment, is PETA-certified vegan and animal testing free and naturally derived and high preforming ingredients.

You can view their work on Instagram or book with them online!

3. The Bangs Babe

Lover of all things fringe, texture, & cool girl hair! Ellie is currently practicing out of their studio near the Mills50 district. They have been featured in Modern Salon Top 100 and Beauty Launchpad, as well as being an 11-time Behind the Chair One Shot Nominee. They love to create haircuts that feel lived in and have longevity in their grow-out. They use various products from the Davines and Hairstory line which are clean and non-toxic. You can ask for vegan products at service!

You can view their work on Instagram or book with them online!

4. Capricci Rici Salon

Hair is their passion, and their passion shows on every client who walks out of their doors. At their location in Winter Park, through ongoing education, their stylists stay up to date on the latest cut and color styles and techniques to bring you the looks you want! They have been reported to use vegan hair care products at client requests as well as have them available for purchase!

You can view their salon's work on Instagram or book with them online!

5. Dolce Vita Salon

With two salons in Winter Park and Downtown Orlando, dolce vita is all about helping their guests look and feel beautiful – both inside and out! The team is committed to providing a professional and relaxing atmosphere to ensure every client is treated like an honored guest. It is their ultimate goal to help you radiate with beauty and confidence. You’ll notice the moment you walk through the door there is an unmistakable air of creativity, friendliness, and enthusiasm here. They have been reported of using vegan products!

You can view their salon's work on Instagram or book with them online!

6. Marianna Jaramillo Neu at Lucia Benjamin Salon

Marianna, a skilled hair stylist in Winter Park, excels in a diverse range of services, showcasing her expertise in balayage, blonding, extensions, funky hairstyles, and beyond. With a commitment to fostering a safe and creative space, she opens her chair to clients seeking not just a transformation but an experience. Marrying her passion for hair artistry with ethical choices, Marianna uses products from the vegan-friendly R & Co. line, ensuring that her clients can enjoy stunning results without compromising on their values. Her dedication to both artistic excellence and client satisfaction defines Marianna as a hairstylist who goes beyond the surface to create meaningful and beautiful transformations.

You can view their work on Instagram or book online with them!

7. Theory Salon

At Theory Salon, located in Ivanhoe and Mills50, their mission is to empower others by making them look and feel beautiful. The way you are treated, their uplifting environment, and their high standards are what sets them apart as a salon. The team is trained to perform at the highest level in the industry by committing to constant growth, monthly education, and accountability for each guest’s experience in the chair. They have been reported to be using vegan products at a client's request.

You can view their salon's work on Instagram or book with them online!

8. Hair Canvas Studio

Hair Canvas Studios in DeBary is an all-organic chemical-free hair salon in Debary FL. They enjoy reading ingredient labels and researching to fully understand what they are using on my clients and what they are working with day after day as they want to ensure the guests' health as well as their own.

You can view their work on Facebook as well as book with them online!

9. Lauren at Pink Daisy Hair Studio

Near the Mills50 area, Lauren has been in the hair industry for about 9 years! They are a blonding and color specialist with a passion for sustainability,cruelty-free, and plant-based beauty. They strive to provide a luxury experience and achieve their client’s hair goals all while being mindful of the environment and being kind to wildlife. They believe no hair color, style, or cut has a gender, a race, or a label. They specialize in striking high-fashion colors and low-maintenance lived-in colors. Their goal is to make everyone feel like their authentic selves while providing a fun and safe space to create art!

You can view their work on Instagram as well as book with them online!

10. Thy Crown and Glory Salon & Spa

At Thy Crown and Glory Salon in the Hourglass District, they believe beauty and relaxation extend beyond the physical. That’s why they aim to provide spiritual renewal during your journey with them. Their aim is to serve and care for our community by using their God-given talents to inspire a culture of beauty extending from the inside out. They believe in the importance of cruelty-free, plant-powered, vegan beauty and sustainability. That is why they are proud to utilize naturally derived products for every service to ensure your hair and skin are left feeling enriched and nourished.​

You can view their work on Instagram or book with them online!

11. De Novo Salon

They say that beauty comes at a price – and here at De Novo Salon in Winter Park, they believe that the price should not be the environment. They strive to lead in the industry by making decisions that have less of an impact and are more eco-friendly. To do their part to make beauty more sustainable, they have opened their doors to become a Certified Green Circle Salon. Partnering with Green Circle Salons means that they recycle and repurpose all of the hair clippings, used foils, excess hair color, papers, plastic, and glass. Essentially all of their waste is being collected instead of thrown in the local trash, and this helps to prevent them from ending up in our local landfills and waterways! They also use a variety of cruelty-free and vegan hair care and dyes.

You can view their work on Instagram as well as book online!

12. Alchemy Hair Salon

Their stylists are dedicated to the art of hairdressing. Practicing in the Mills50 district, each of them possesses a fierce individuality, yet understands and respects the power of collaboration. They believe in education and continually work to refine their skills. They use vegan haircare products such as R+Co. It is a line consistently being developed by hairdressers who are forward thinkers like us. R+Co has provided us with the products needed to support the hairstyles they create, as they create them. R+Co uses all environmentally conscious packaging as well as providing vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free products. Also, a big bonus to us Floridians are that all their products are UV protectant.

You can view their salon's work on Instagram or book with them online!

13. æffect hair

Besides all of their products at their Winter Park location being produced in green facilities, they partner with Green Circle Salons to recycle our waste, they purchase carbon credits to offset their CO2 emissions, and were certified as a Green Business by the City of Winter Park. Additionally, they donate to environmental and local non-profits. [Ask for more information in person to get the full scope of their obsession!] They do have vegan hair care if asked!

View their work on Instagram or book with them online!

Honorable mention! Aveda Salons

Aveda Salons has a 100% vegan commitment as all of its hair care, hair color, body care, makeup, and aroma products are 100% vegan—now and forever. After endless fine-tuning, their iconic products were reimagined as 100% vegan, delivering best-in-class performance without compromise. With plant-powered systems like botanical repair™, nutriplenish™, and invati advanced™ delivering industry-leading results for all hair types and textures, it is clear that the power of vegan hair care is undeniable. You can find a salon near you here!

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