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CAVA Orlando (Vegan Guide)

CAVA, a semi-newly popular fast-casual dining option, has gained widespread acclaim for its diverse and delicious vegan offerings. With a commitment to providing a customizable dining experience, CAVA allows customers to build their own grain bowls, refreshing in-house-made drinks, and pitas, making it easy for vegans to create flavorful and satisfying meals. From a variety of fresh vegetables and tasty sauces to plant-based protein options like falafel and roasted vegetables, they offers a range of choices for those seeking a vegan-friendly dining experience. Their emphasis on quality, transparency, and sustainability has made them a go-to destination for vegans and health-conscious individuals.

Please read below to read our vegan guide to eating at CAVA!

Curated Bowls & Pitas

Not a big fan of having to put a meal together on your own? Go with a curated bowl or pita! These are already vegan, but CAVA says to "customize your meal to fit your tastes!".

Market Spice Bowl

Spicy falafel, fiery broccoli, pickled onions, tomato + cucumber, roasted corn, hummus, romaine, rice, skhug, & garlic dressing. Order with NO tzatziki!

Falafel Avocado Bowl

Falafel, hummus, roasted eggplant dip, avocado, pickled onions, persian cucumber, tomato + onion, cabbage slaw, SuperGreens, baby spinach, skhug, & garlic

Crispy Falafel Pita

Falafel, hummus, roasted eggplant, salt-brined pickles, cabbage slaw, tomato+onion, skhug, & garlic dress on pita

Build Your Own

Start With a Base

Salad - Supergreens, baby spinach, romaine, or splendid-greens

Grain Bowl - Saffron basmati rice, brown basmati rice, black lentils, or RightRice

Right Rice - A high protein and high fiber grain made from 90% vegetables (lentils, chickpeas, & peas)

Green & Grains - Choose one green and one grain

Pita - Large warm pita

Mini Pita - One mini pita; perfect for a light bite or a snack

Dips & Spreads (You can choose up to 3 dips/spreads)

Roasted Eggplant - Roasted eggplant puree, onion, garlic, & fresh parsley

Hummus - Chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, & kosher salt

Harissa - A traditional spicy table spread made from tomatoes & peppers

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus - Fresh roasted red peppers pureed with chickpeas, tahini, & garlic


Falafel - Chickpeas, parsley, & herbs

Spicy Falafel

Roasted Vegetables - Brussel sprouts, carrots & cauliflower

Roasted White Sweet Potato - White sweet potato with olive oil, paprika, coriander, & salt


Shredded Romaine

Tomato + Onion Salad

Pickled Onions

Kalamata Olives

Cabbage Slaw

Persian Cucumber

Tomato + Cucumber Salad

Fire-Roasted Corn

Salt-Brined Pickles


Pita Crisps

Lentil Tabbouleh

Vegan Dressings

Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette (check for availability)

Lemon Herb Tahini

Tahini Caesar

Greek Vinaigrette


Garlic Dressing

Hot Harissa Vinagrette


Side Pita

Pita Chips



Strawberry Citrus

Puree fresh strawberries & lemon juice

Blueberry Lavender

Puree of blueberries & lavender

Cucumber Mint lime

Blend of fresh lime juice, mint, & cucumber

Classic Lemonade

Sweet Tea

Locations include:

236 E Michigan St Suite B105, Orlando, FL 32806

501 N Orlando Ave #323, Winter Park, FL 32789

4724 Millenia Plaza Way, Orlando, FL 32839

5930 Red Bug Lake Rd, Winter Springs, FL 32708

901 Currency Cir, Lake Mary, FL 32746

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