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Bistro Peru Sanford (Vegan Guide)

Bistro Peru is an authentic Peruvian restaurant serving traditional and fusion dishes within the space of Hops and Wops Brewing Company in Historic Downtown Sanford.

My husband and I had the pleasure of visiting Peru last summer and enjoyed so many veganized traditional Peruvian dishes and were thrilled to find out that Bistro Peru is very accommodating when it comes to veganizing dishes.

Although there are no vegan-as-is dishes on their menu, if you tell them you are vegan they will work with you to find a delicious dish that will work with your preferences!

Read below for the comprehensive guide to eating vegan at Bistro Peru!


Yuca (order without aioli)

Yuca crips with salsa criolla


House Salad (order without cheddar & bacon bits)

Mixed greens, cucumber, shaved red onion, tomatoes.


Tallarin Saltado (order with veggies, no meat) [TSV Pick!]

Cantonese-Peruvian style Lo Mein with veggies.

REVIEW: Bistro Peru treated us to a veganized version of their lo mein, and it was out of this world! Loaded with flavor, this veggie-filled lo mein was a symphony of textures and colors. I absolutely loved this fusion take on lo mein!

Arroz Caufa (order with veggies, no meat)

Cantonese-Peruvian stir-fried rice.


Bowls (All bowls on their menu can have their meat swapped for veggies, with aioli taken out.)

Steamed white rice, Cuban black beans, cabbage slaw, sweet plantains,


Rice and Beans

Steamed white rice with cuban black beans.

Sweet Plantains

Ripe sweet plantains fried to perfection.

French Fries

Golden brown and delicious.

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