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Citricos Grand Floridian - Disney (Vegan Guide)

Grand Floridian Hotel Signature Dining option, Citricos, is a Mary Poppins-themed wonderland with sophisticated (and ample) vegan options. It's located on the second level of the Grand Floridian Hotel in the Magic Kingdom Resort area in Walt Disney World (Orlando).

We snagged a coveted reservation for the day after Christmas and had a stellar time. In addition to the Grand Floridian being a beautiful place to walk around with easy monorail access, the ingenuity behind their vegan dishes impressed me so much I'd love to come back one day! When I visited, I tried every vegan item available on their menu. Dishes are clearly notated with a leaf symbol on the menu to show they are vegan.

Read below for what I ate at Citricos and my review of each item!


Wild Mushroom Arancini

Truffle aioli, watercress, champagne vinaigrette

REVIEW: This is an amazing appetizer. Greasy, for sure, but packed with unique and luxurious flavor. It looked and smelled so good my mom had to get a bite.


House-Made Rigatoni

Mock-meat bolognese, seasonal vegetables, roasted hen-of-the-woods mushrooms, vegan "egg yolk"

REVIEW: Before going to this restaurant, I read a review that described this pasta dish as "disappointing". I couldn't disagree more. In addition to the scientific wonder of their burstable vegan "egg yolk" (made with yellow tomato), the depth of flavor coming from the mushrooms and veggies made this dish not only delicious but filling too!


Smoked Cauliflower

Green curry, chili crunch, citrus creme fraiche

REVIEW: I really wanted to like these but I didn't. I think I just got turned off by the 'smoky flavor' paired with the green curry. Also, my cauliflower was a bit tough. But that's just me.


Apple Rose

Served warm with seasonal apples, marzipan, raspberry jam, frozen coconut milk

REVIEW: I loved this dessert. Anything with marzipan in the description always fast-tracks me to order it. Surprisingly, though, my favorite part of the dish was actually the frozen coconut milk on the side. I would order a whole bowl of that next time if they let me--it was SO good.

CONCLUSION Citricos was awesome. I would definitely come again. Their vegan options are on point, presented well, with sophisticated flavors. Although I wasn't a fan of the cauliflower, I'm sure it's just a personal preference. If you are able to secure a reservation, I would absolutely go and order the entire vegan menu!

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