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Girl Scout Cookies 2023 (Vegan Guide)

Looking back, Girl Scouts was a bit of a blur. I vaguely remember being inducted into Juniors after crossing a bridge at a local park. The most memorable moments in Girl Scouts were, by far, earning patches and selling cookies. My favorite cookie was always Peanut Butter Patties. Now--a decade and a half later--I am thrilled to discover that many of my beloved Girl Scout cookie flavors are actually vegan! Read below to discover all the vegan Girl Scout cookies of 2023!

  1. Thin Mints

By now, you probably know that Thin Mints are vegan. This deep chocolatey, minty, crunchy cookie is the cookie most synonymous with Girl Scouts as an organization. Many swear by freezing them and eating them ice cold. Don't get me wrong, I like Thin Mints, but I always found them a bit overrated.

2. Peanut Butter Patties

Peanut Butter Patties were always my favorite when I was younger. Maybe it was all the years I spent abroad that developed an obsession with peanut butter for me (it was very rare to find, so when we did get some, it was a huge deal). Crunchy cookie with creamy peanut butter, enrobed in a chocolate layer--sign me up! NOTE: The Peanut Butter Pattie cousin, Tagalongs, are NOT vegan.

3. The Raspberry Rally

The Raspberry Ralley is extremely similar to the Thin Mint, with the difference being a swap from the mint flavor for a raspberry flavor. Same crunchy cookie with chocolate coating situation, just fruitier. This is Girl Scout's first cookie to be available exclusively online.

4. Caramel Chococlate Chip

I must've missed the memo on these because I had never heard of them before. Apparently, this is Girl Scout's first year that the formula of these cookies is now vegan. They are also gluten-free. Woohoo!

5. Toast-Yay!

When I transitioned out of Girl Scouts, I believe this cookie was making its debut. It's a French Toast-flavored crunchy cookie with buttery, cinnamon notes. This formulation has always been vegan and some people swear by them!

6. Lemonades

Lemonades made their debut a year or two before I left Girl Scouts. These lemony shortbread cookies have a tart/sweet lemon icing on the bottom. When they came out I was not a fan, but looking back, I'm sure these were fire. NOTE: Their cousin Lemon Ups are NOT vegan.


It's easier than ever to indulge in Girl Scout cookies as a vegan. I'm personally still waiting for a little girl to harass me to purchase some :)

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