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New Vegan Restaurant, V's Diner, Opens in Casselberry

V's Diner, a beloved vegan food truck, is celebrating its transition to a brick-and-mortar establishment after 18 months of anticipation. The new restaurant, located at 908 State Road 436 in Casselberry, is set to open on August 19. Co-owner Mackenzie Singleton expressed his excitement about this milestone, acknowledging the extensive behind-the-scenes efforts required to make it a reality.

V's Diner will start by being open Thursday-Monday, 11am-9pm.

Full menu can be found here:

(Courtesy V’s Diner) Sourced via Orlando Sentinel

The venture was a collaborative effort between Singleton, along with partners Jarett Dolan and Mike Della Pia, as well as other contributors who played a significant role in the process. V's Diner is renowned for its original menu featuring plant-based burgers, cheesesteaks, and chicken sandwiches made from their proprietary housemade plant-based proteins. The restaurant will continue to offer these favorites alongside exciting new additions.

One highlight is the introduction of a grilled chicken Caesar salad, which can be made GF without croutons.

Notably, the dessert menu will feature vegan treats created by JoAnn Della Pia, a seasoned baker with 50 years of experience, and co-owner Mike Della Pia's mother. Cookies, brownies, and cupcakes will be among the delectable offerings.

The design of the restaurant reflects a retro-diner aesthetic, with Singleton enjoying the creative process of bringing the vision to life. The unexpected addition of an extra thousand square feet of space prompted the idea of using it for spillover seating and as an events space named "The Green Room." This area will serve as a vegan-exclusive rental space for parties, luncheons, and potentially live performances.

(Courtesy Barton Branding) Sourced via Orlando Sentinel

V's Diner has assembled a skilled crew, many of whom have worked at renowned vegan establishments such as Dandelion Community Cafe and Ethos Vegan Kitchen. Singleton acknowledges the evolving landscape of the industry, highlighting the dedication and passion of those who choose to work in it. The team looks forward to welcoming loyal supporters and newcomers to the restaurant, with plans to expand their operating hours to include breakfast, brunch, and late-night options.

Singleton emphasizes that they now have full control over every aspect, from the food to the ambiance, and ample parking. The team is excited to invite guests to experience the newly opened space and aims to create a joyful and satisfying dining experience for all.

V’s “Green Room” will serve as a rental event space with exclusively vegan catering, “something the area is sorely lacking,” says V’s owner Mackenzie Singleton. (Courtesy Barton Branding) Sourced via Orlando Sentinel.

Article sourced from the research of Orlando Sentinel writer, Amy Drew Thompson. Find her on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter or Instagram @amydroo or on the OSFoodie Instagram account @orlando.foodie. Email:

Loaded fries. Photo courtesy of V's Diner.

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