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New General Cafe (Vegan Guide)

New General Cafe offers a modern twist on the classic general store concept, where patrons can indulge in freshly prepared foods, aromatic coffees, and explore a curated collection of apparel and home goods. With a keen focus on catering to diverse tastes, they proudly offer a variety of vegan options on their cafe menu, ensuring that everyone can find something delicious to enjoy. Whether you're seeking a delightful meal, a perfect cup of coffee, or unique finds for your wardrobe and home, New General Cafe provides a one-stop destination that seamlessly blends convenience, style, and delectable flavors.

Read below to read my vegan guide to eating at New General Cafe:

All Day Breakfast

Vegan Brekkie Sandwich

Organic almond-crusted tofu, lentil sausage, buttermilk ranch dressed kale, siracha aioli, brioche bun.

Shroom Avo Toast (GF Optional)

Avocado mash, garlicky mushrooms, everything seasoning, on sourdough.

CB&J Pancakes (GF)

Buckwheat pancakes, cashew butter, strawberry basil chia compote, topped with fresh strawberries, crushed nuts & fresh basil, side of organic maple syrup.

Go Nutty Crepe (GF)

House-made chocolate hazelnut spread, maple granola, fresh strawberries, drizzle of organic maple syrup

Mains (10 AM to close)

Buddha Bowl (GF)

Quinoa, roasted broccoli, sweet potatoes, maple tahini dressed kale, curry carrots slaw, herbed chickpeas, avocado, sesame seeds.

Cashew Crunch Salad (GF, note: vegan option without the chicken)

Cabbage, carrots, kale, quinoa, edamame, fresh cilantro, green onions, cashew butter dressing, herbed chicken, topped with crushed walnuts & hemp seeds.

Gardener Crepe (GF)

Roasted broccoli, sweet potatoes, herbed cashew ricotta, kale pesto, dressed kale, toasted almonds.

Small Bites | Grab & Go

Blue Majik Smoothie Bowl (GF)

Topped with dark chocolate sea salt granola, coconut, goji berries.

Granola Cereal Bowl (GF)

Maple house granola, choc chips, shaved coconut, strawberry compote, your choice of milk (oat).

Chia Pudding (GF)

Chocolate chia pudding, chocolate hazelnut spread, dark chocolate sea salt granola, strawberry chia compote (cooler item).

Note: They also have a variety of coffee, wellness, and seasonal drinks with vegan alternative milk options available! I highly recommend the season Peach Matcha Wellness Latte!

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Fuego Pazzo
Fuego Pazzo
Jun 24, 2023

Sounds wonderful, where is it?

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