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[Sanford Herald] Captivate Cafe: Orlando's Most Exclusive Pop-Up Coffee Shop

Curated Latte from Captivate Cafe.

Have you heard the buzz? Captivate Cafe is a pop-up, invite-only coffee shop and co-working experience based in Downtown Sanford. Founded by Photographer Andrew van Tilborgh, Captivate Cafe aims to unite local emerging creative voices under the same roof while giving them a productive working environment to develop their craft and meet like-minded creators.

Hosted one afternoon per month at the Captivate Content Company Creative Estate (which address remains anonymous until you are invited), Captivate Cafe employs Sanford-local barista Steve Forst to pour a series of artisanal drinks, including a monthly rotating special. November’s special was a novel take on a Pumpkin Spice Latte, while December deployed a gingerbread latte created with local scratch-made spiced syrup.

Andrew van Tilborgh, Founder of Captivate Content Company

Each iteration also showcases a new variety of roasted beans for micro-roasteries across the country. The first Captivate Cafe experience served Esteban Zamora Cinnamon Anaerobic beans by North Carolina-based Black and White Coffee Roasters. Sourced from Costa Rica, these beans are left to ferment with cinnamon powder for six days before the drying process, giving them their unique cinnamon sugar, candied orange, and apple cider notes. Beans are curated by Barista Steve Forst.

The Captivate Cafe experience is about more than just coffee; it’s community. Forst told us, "Part of my joy in coffee comes from sharing it with others. Being on bar at Captivate Cafe allows me to do what I love while introducing guests to some of the best coffees in the industry."

Barista Steve Forst pours frothed milk.

Founder Andrew van Tilborgh tells me, “The goal is to provide the environment I wish existed: an intimate space to meet others and work on your craft. I have high respect for the coffee culture and how it unites people, and I want to provide that in an innovative and exclusive way that makes it inevitable to connect with like-minded artists.”

Attendees can select one of three passes during their visit to Captivate Cafe. Guests who plan to work longer may benefit from the Day Pass+, which includes three artisanal beverages (from Captivate’s rotating curated menu), two locally sourced pastries, and high-speed wifi during Captivate’s Cafe’s open hours (typically 11 am-8 pm ET). The other passes include the Captivate Cafe Day Pass and the Captivate Single Drink pass.

If you are interested in attending an upcoming Captivate Cafe and have yet to receive an invite, DM @thecaptivatecompany on Instagram. Follow for updates on forthcoming pop-up events and projects.

This piece was published in the Sanford Herald on Jan 7th, 2023.

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