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[Sanford Herald] Top Vegan Eats in Henry's Depot

Henry’s Depot is Historic Downtown Sanford’s premiere food hall experience, selling everything from fresh seafood to craft cocktails. But did you know that Henry’s Depot is also home to several vegan-friendly stalls? Join me below as I unpack a small selection of Henry’s Depot’s top vegan eats you should try this week!

1. Oak Flame Pizza

Vegan Velocity Pie

Oak Flame Pizza crafts wood-fired, thin-crust pizza, salads, and appetizers inside Henry’s Depot Food Hall. Their founders, born-and-raised in Seminole County, have found inspiration in their Florida heritage by infusing some of their most popular dishes with orange zest, heirloom tomatoes, and house-made orange-blossom vegan honey.

Although Oak Flame does not purport an exclusively vegan menu, they have one of the city's most impressive selections of vegan meals. Several of their pizza options are veganizable with house-made Cashew Mozzarella, Lemon Tofu Ricotta, Plant-Based Italian Sausage, and Garlic Oil base option.

A favorite is the Vegan Velocity Pie, which has a red base topped with vegan mozzarella, broccolini, tofu ricotta, plant-based sausage and a chili oil finish.

2. Greenery Creamery

Ice Cream Scoops

Greenery Creamery charted new territory as Orlando’s First Artisanal Ice Cream Boutique. Now, they’ve opened a location in Historic Downtown Sanford’s own Henry’s Depot, where they serve dairy and non-dairy desserts from soft-serve cones, to milkshakes, and a rotating menu of unique ice cream flavors.

Experience crisp mint ice cream streaked with chocolate strokes in their mint stracciatella or bright yuzu flavor piercing through a strawberry lemonade scoop. These are just two of their rotating vegan flavors which have become an instant classic!

Order your scoops in a cardboard cup or upgrade your ice cream experience with a vegan crunch cone!

3. Mahogany Coffee Co

Mahogany Coffee Co, the cozy one-person bar in Henry’s Depot, serves customers a unique menu of craft coffee specialties. Using roasted beans from small-scale roasteries, the shop is passionate about creating unique coffee experiences using only the best ingredients–including house-made syrups. And good news--the majority of their menu items can be easily veganized.

One of the beverages turning heads at Mahogany is the Amethyst, which includes an espresso base with oat milk (upon request), mint, and lavender syrup. The result is a spellbinding flavor profile that will perk you up and deliver a high-class, sophisticated flavor profile. Mahogany can always be counted on for its unique flavor combinations.


The longer I rave about Henry’s Depot, the more I am surprised when Sanfordites have not heard of the location. If you have not visited Henry’s Depot on first street (the blue-gray building sporting Henry Sanford’s mug), you are doing yourself a great disservice. Come on by and try a scoop of vegan ice cream or a personal pizza pie with vegan mozzarella! You won’t regret it.

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