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[Sanford Herald] Vegan Sweet Treats Around Sanford

There seems to be a misconception floating around that once someone goes vegan, they will no longer be able to enjoy sweets and desserts. These days, vegans can enjoy artisanal ice cream, cakes, creamy lattes, and even patisserie without sacrificing taste or convenience! Whether you are vegan, veg-curious, or just a foodie, we invite you to join us in our round-up of five of our favorite cruelty-free sweet treats in Sanford!

1. Bear Hug Latte at Quigley Coffee

Located a bit down Route 46, you’ll find Sanford-based Quigley Coffee Co, a part-thrift store, part-cafe that hosts open mics and community events. The owner, Quigley (yes, that’s his name), might be one of Sanford’s most popular vegans and is extremely skilled in veganizing any beverage on the menu. Their popular ‘Bear Hug’ is a dressed-up sweet mocha with agave, cinnamon, and a cute little vegan teddy graham on top to seal the deal. Order your bear hug with oat milk, hot or iced to instantly improve your day!

2. Ice Cream Cone at Greenery Creamery

In Central Florida, it’s always ice cream weather! Lucky for us Sanfordites, Historic Downtown is home to its very own artisanal ice cream parlor. Located inside Henry’s Depot, Greenery Creamery offers vegan soft serve, shakes, baked goods, and ice cream scoops in house-made waffle cones. Greenery Creamery rotates their vegan scoops quite a bit, but some consistent flavors include: blueberry lavender, speculoos, black ash coconut, and (our favorite) mint stracciatella! Order yours with syrup, sprinkles, and in a cone for a tasty, sweet, zero-waste treat.

3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Entremet at The Collective

In the mood to finesse the new words you learned from the Great British Baking Show? Stop by The Collective and order a Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Entremet–their premiere vegan sweet. These rich, creamy gems are the brainchild of Winter Park-based Choulala Fine Pastries, which stocks their delicious patisserie in the shared space of Rosie Lee Tea Co and Wavelength Coffee.

4. Purple Power at Raw Press Juice Co

Getting a sweet fix doesn’t have to mean sacrificing health. Raw Press Juico Co on Sanford Ave specializes in antioxidant-rich acai bowls, vitamin-packed salads, cleaning juices, and satiating smoothies. Our favorite is their Purple Power smoothie, which is packed with gluten-free rolled oats, banana, blueberry, cinnamon, almond milk, peanut butter, and maple syrup! Grab a cup to enjoy in their cozy in-store seating area or take your sips to the riverwalk for an afternoon stroll.

5. Personal Bundt Cakes at Simply Homemade 1913

Historic Downtown Sanford is home to one of Orlando’s finest bakers: Simply Homemade 1913. Simply Homemade specializes in personal-sized bundt cakes in an impressive 25 flavors including lemon-blueberry, pineapple, raspberry, banana strawberry lemonade, and more. They also have vegan options available in vanilla and chocolate. Their light and airy bundt cakes are the perfect indulgences for a summer evening after spending time out in the hot Florida sun!


As you can see, Sanford is a Florida hot spot for vegan treats from cakes to shakes. Share your photos with vegan treats to @thesanfordvegan on Instagram and Facebook for a chance to be featured on our feed!

Originally published in the 7/16/22 issue of The Sanford Herald:

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