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The Sanford Vegan's Top Three Donuts at ​Donut'ste

I’ve had the pleasure of trying a great number of Chef Shalom’s amazing donuts and cinnamon rolls. This short article will serve to summarize my top three favorite flavors that keep me up at night.

But first... followers of my Instagram know that I am a total Donut'ste stan. It’s not just that they use the best (vegan) ingredients possible or that they come up with the most innovative and delicious flavor combinations. They put SO MUCH thought into each, and every treat they make, from start to finish.

​Donut'ste means The Donut Lover In Me Honors The Donut Lover In You, according to their website and bio on social media. This ‘Donut'ste’ title captures the company's intentions to spread joy and bliss through what we consume. Their dough does not contain eggs, milk, or dairy while being very intentional about creating a treat that tastes great while leaning towards a sustainable way of eating.

Without further ado, let's get into my favorite donuts!

1. Creme Brulee Donut

This is their #1 seller for a reason. Not only does the Creme Brulee donut look AMAZING on camera, but the crunchy, sweet, smokey caramel on top also adds texture and depth of flavor to the donut. It’s the perfect mix of smooth and creamy due to its vanilla creme interior, balanced out with the hard shell on top. If you were to try only one donut from ​Donut'ste, it should be this one.

2. Pink Strawberry Sprinkle Donut

I am somewhat of a strawberry fanatic. Growing up in the Netherlands, my American grandparents would often ship me packages of freeze-dried strawberries they pulled out of their K Cereal boxes because they knew I loved them so much (such special memories). This principle also applies to sweets: strawberry milkshakes, cakes, and of course, donuts. A few things make this strawberry donut different than others: 1) the sweet strawberry flavor is cut with zingy lime, which balances out the pastry, and 2) the donut is so incredibly airy and not overbearing. It doesn’t feel ‘good for vegan donuts’, it’s just good period.

3. Pecan Pie Cinnaroll

This is a recent one I tried that instantly became a favorite. I’ve gotten tired of the whole pumpkin spice trend, which is a bit sad because that was the flavor that signified Fall to me. ​Donut'ste’s Pecan Pie Cinnamon Roll, however, makes me think it's not impossible to redefine fall flavors. In addition to its lovely, warm, and gooey cinnamon roll center, this beauty is covered in crunchy, toasty pecans and sweet glaze. It’s a familiar flavor, yet elevated–nostalgic, but new too. This is a stellar option if you are looking for an alternative to the plethora of pumpkin spice dessert options.

If you have not pre-ordered some donuts for pickup in Lake Mary or visited ​Donut'ste at their appearances at local vegan markets, you’re missing out, to say the least. The Donut Lover In Me Honors The Donut Lover In You.

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